See the FAQ for information about bikes.


See the FAQ for information about bags.


Most people sleep in tents, however a bivvy sack, or a hammock are also options. If the weather is really nice you could even get by with just a ground cloth and your sleeping bag. Whatever you choose it needs to be light enough to carry on your bike. SmallĀ  backpacking tents are ideal.

MVBC has a complete gear list for loop tour at, however that would be way too much stuff for this tour. With bikepacking keeping the weight down is essential.


Our first night will be at Big Elk Campground which is far from any stores. This means we will need to carry enough food to get through the first two days. We'll pass a store in Waldport late on day 2. On day 3 there will be no further chances to stock up after we leave Yachats.

We will have a shared cooler in the support vehicle for perishable items and drinks, but for the most part you should plan on carrying what you need. Backpacking meals are idea for dinner. Energy bars and trail mix are good to get through the day.


Even though we'll be riding through the Oregon Coast Range water is scarce along the route. You will need to carry enough water for the day. If it's a warm day you could easily go through 3 water bottles or more. We will have water in the support vehicle but you should plan on carrying at least 2 water bottles. A hydration pack is also a good option. There is water available at all of the campgrounds.